Of Rejections and Bitterness


Rejection is a spiteful whore
with anger blotted skin
And green shrubs all over like
Sprouted herbs, Yes rejection
Is a bitch.
She whores around the city,
Makes bitterness her lover
And births depression.

Her gaze burns,
Yes they burn,
Like hot oil spilled on your skin
Those angry red eyes scary
As can be, skin the living day
Out of you,
And bitterness, annoying little whore
Snaps the sunlight shut

O bitterness your poison
Kills me, for I, like many others
Are attracted to your legs,
The cynosure of those long slim sticks
And the whore you are
Never says no,
Yet I have been made your sexual slave
And I am totally addicted
To the pleasure that I think you give.

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