I feel like a grumpy old man this morning. As I go back to work after ten days of leave, I am back to waiting. Ake festivals always leave me with a feeling compared to that of two lovers at crossroads. As one departs for a different pathway and the other stays there waiting, […]

Love is a lonely road, like a deserted path that one chooses to thread despite the fact that all else say nay. It is like an express way, that endless tar of asphalt, headless and infinite; it is like a log, the one that seats in the eye throne on early mornings after a long […]

For me, like many people, the most enjoyable part of reading a poem is to find its words relate-able to me. I like to believe that the poet had taken time to narrate in so few words certain things that have happened to me without asking for my permission. And that he has romanticized that […]

Death is easy Probably because it sometimes comes with no pro-former It catches us unawares like a net catches a fish in the river Perhaps this is why we fear it so much So we struggle with the reality of captivity Hoping the net will break The true reality of death is unexplainable, The pronouncement […]

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Natasha sat at the corner of the wagon fidgeting with her phone, shuffling through “Jesus Daily” Facebook updates and typing “Amen” in the comment sections, prodding God to salvage humanity from tears and rot. It was early afternoon. Dust and exhaust soot settled on the shrubs clothing the abandoned train wagons…

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I Shekau is Jay-Z Singing I’ve got girls, girls, Girls, girls. Pointed rifles and aides flanking him On CNN A Neanderthal in turban Brazen and psychotic, He holds the world to ransom Call it terrorism He kills in the name of a God Leaving this god neither anonymous,…


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