You wished you could say those words, that you’ve been told she wanted to hear but you couldn’t, logic says no, logic does not understand the language of the heart, so you are stuck with throwing mindless and thoughtless tantrums till you lose her. Four years later, you meet her at the airport on your […]

That was how you missed the bus; you had awoken earlier than the usual time and skipped your normal morning routines. Yet, you still missed the damned bus! Only three buses made the journey from Abeokuta to Abuja daily and you missed the last one and the only one that would get you to Abuja […]

There was once a gap That i wished my tongue could penetrate It was gleefully guarded by two guards One a sentry from the garrison up above And the other just a few ones down below It was a gap that I had come to love A gap that I actually enjoyed seeing I was […]

I remember the taste of sweetness again, I remember the taste of your Honey filled lips, I remember your teary eyes, I remember how they beheld me Beholding my naked torso I remember the pride I felt As I lay with you, On our matrimonial bed, It was love making un-mechanical, With the right person, […]

Yemisi was nervous; watching the door as she was. She did not want to call Dapo again; she had called him like fifty times in the past hour – and that wasn’t exactly bringing him any closer. She had to be patient. Her cocktail was beginning to warm; she put it down gently after taking […]

by Tolu Daniel © 2014. So I saw him again, looking all saint and godly, He took that pose beside his latest conquest, all be it his new girlfriend and my heart skipped a beat, no! not because his babe is fine for she really is but because he scares me. Yes, he still scares […]

“Da…Dapo?” The voice sounded eerie faint – and Dapo spent a moment wondering if the person calling his name was who he thought it was. It was. “Yes Dad?” The smile that creased his father’s face was like a child’s scrawl in mud. It lent humanity to what was to easy to mistake for a […]


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