If you happened to walk into Cinema Hall 2 at the Genesis Deluxe Cinema that Friday to watch the Robocop movie, you would be startled – first by the dimly lit interior; and then by the strange form in the far back-left corner making strange noises. You would probably back off slightly as the form […]

“I’m pregnant.” Dapo was unimpressed. “Really? And how did that happen – by diffusion or osmosis?” Yemisi’s chest rose and fell in time with her sigh. “You could have at least played along and said ‘congratulations! Who’s the father?’ “ “Em…why would I ask that, knowing well I’m your guy? Na dat kain question dey […]

“He does not kiss me,” Yemisi grumbled. “Have you talked to him about it?” Her sister Toke asked. “Talked to me about what?” The sisters turned to see Dapo striding into the house, looking as comfortable as the landlord. “How do you know this place?” Yemisi avoided his open arms. “I never brought you here.” […]

“Why hello there,” Dapo said as Yemisi stepped into his apartment. “Uh…there’s nothing wrong with MTN or Etisalat today o,” he added. Yemisi’s smile was bright. “I wasn’t sure you’d pick,” she answered. “I wasn’t sure you won’t be in one of those your alcohol-induced hazes.” She dumped her bags and hugged Dapo tightly. “Thank […]

Mother’s grace was upon him But he knew not, He attributed his happiness To his own strong will You see, He was the smooth talker He could convince a cat that it was a dog And prove that black was really white He assumed the role of a self made man The problem with that […]

It was Monday. Five days after she’d asked Dapo out. Yemisi looked down on Allen Avenue from the office window. It was busy as usual, midday with the sun shining down harshly on tops, human or otherwise. She wasn’t there though. What she was actually seeing was a face, a face with sad eyes and […]

No o. Dapo wasn’t shocked, not in the slightest. He knew Yemisi was crazy. But he hadn’t seen that coming. “What?” he said, staring at his closest friend like she was naked and he’d never seen her before. She smiled. “Hear me out. I know how it must sound to you – but let me […]


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